Auto Desfran

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Sativa dominant Auto Desfran is a cross between Desfrán and Auto Daiquiri Lime.  It’s all kinds of unusual but if you’re a beginner looking for a manageable Sativa and/or space is tight but you still want those Sativa genetics, then Auto Desfran could be for you. 

Even though Auto Desfran is almost pure Sativa, it has a fairly mild 19% THC.  This means that it delivers an uplifting, motivational boost rather than a jet-propelled high.  There is minimal CBD, so basically this is one for the daytime.  It’s a great choice either as a “wake and bake” strain, as a means to deliver fast, effective pain relief or to deal with certain mental and/or emotional conditions.  Obviously, make sure your head is fully clear before doing anything complex, especially driving. 

The bad news about Auto Desfran is that it has a 15-week grow cycle.  This is seed to bud, but is still pretty lengthy, especially by modern standards.  On the plus side, it only reaches about 1M in height, which does put it on the taller side for a modern autoflowering strain, but still keeps it compact enough to be fairly easy to squeeze into a tight growing space. 

Auto Desfran, like its parent, is grown essentially as a connoisseur’s strain rather than for yield.  The 475g/m2 it will produce in capable hands is pretty decent for a strain this size, but there are plenty of other, compact strains which can produce at least as much in less time. 

The lengthy grow cycle was the main reason Auto Desfran was classed as having medium grow difficulty.  Basically, the longer a strain needs to mature, the longer there is for something to go wrong.  That said, in general terms, Auto Desfran is pretty robust and unfussy with good resilience to mould, diseases and pests.  In short, as long as you pay attention to you cannabis basics, especially with regard to ventilation, you should be absolutely fine with this strain.  Good odour control is also highly recommended, especially in the later stages of flowering. 

It terms of taste and aroma, Auto Desfran is a blend of tropical fruit, orchard fruit (apples and pears) and skunk.  The scent is pretty intense so if you’re smoking of vaping, you’ll need to be considerate to those around you. 

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
15 weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa (dominant)
NA Autoflowering
Desfrán x Auto Daiquiri Lime
Grow Difficulty:
Auto Desfran, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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