Fast Master

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Fast Master is a cross between Critical XXL and Early Skunk.  It offers excellent yields in next to no time. 

Even though Fast Master is an Indica dominant, it offers an average of 22% to 24% THC.  This is some serious pain relief.  It’s also a bright and buzzy yet chilled head high.  The feeling is like you being you on your best possible day.  The head high will gradually transition into a full-body buzz thanks to the 0.8% CBD.  You’re unlikely to be couchedlocked, but you will be too comfortable to want to get up.  Do yourself a favour and have some water and snacks to hand.  Fast Master has enough THC to guarantee the marijuana munchies. 

Overall Fast Master is a very flexible strain, which can be used during the day or in the evening.  Obviously, in the daytime, you’ll need to make sure you’re fully focused before doing anything complicated. 

The taste of Fast Master is dominated by citrus lemon and lime together with menthol pine and this is balanced with a dash of pungency.  It’s definitely one to make your mouth water. 

Fast Master has an average height of 1.9M.  It can grow a bit taller outdoors, but probably not by much.  In other words, it’s fairly reasonably sized as compared to cannabis strains in general.  It’s also nicely responsive to plant training.  That means if your growing space is small, you can bring its height down a bit.  Fast Master won’t be taking up space indoors (or outdoors) for very long.  It flowers in a very impressive 6 to 8 weeks.  The outdoor harvest period is early to mid-September.  This will come as excellent news to growers towards the north of Europe (and maybe even beyond). 

With Critical XXL as a parent, you’d expect Fast Master to be heavy yielding.  You’d be right.  In fact, you’d be very right.  Indoors, you can easily collect 650 g/m2.  Outdoors, you could be looking at as much as 1.5kg per plant.  The icing on the cake is that Fast Master is superbly robust.  It was specifically bred to have excellent resistance to mould, diseases and pests. 

We classed Fast Master as being moderately difficult to grow because it is a photoperiod strain.  This means that indoor growers have to manage light cycles.  As long as you’re comfortable with that, Fast Master is super-easy to grow.  It would be a great choice for anyone “moving up” from autoflowering strains. 

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
6-8 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica dominant
Early-Mid September
Critical XXL x Early Skunk
Grow Difficulty:
Fast Master, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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