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Holy-Punch-marijuana-strainHoly Punch is an Indica dominant (70/30) and is no relation to either Fruit Punch or Holy Grail. Instead it’s a cross between The Church and Grape.  It’s a robust and effective strain with a great taste.

With about 20% THC, Holy Punch is at the upper end of medium strength strains.  It certainly has enough muscle to deliver a knock-out punch to all, but the most severe of physical pain and negative emotional states.  With about 0.8% CBD, it also delivers a fairly deep stone, which won’t entirely knock you out for the count. Holy Punch is probably best kept for use at night, certainly leave yourself plenty of recovery time if you plan to use it during the day.

Holy Punch will grow indoors and outdoors.  Although it’s advertised as tolerating humidity, it’s advisable to avoid putting this to the test. As this strain grows a lot of very dense buds, which will take a long time to dry out if they get wet,. During which time they will be vulnerable to mould.  Indoors it will need 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time and can expect to collect up to 700g/m2. Outdoors it will be ready around the middle of October and will yield up to 1Kg per plant.  Holy Punch seeds grow into medium-height plants, you’re looking at an indoor minimum of about 1M. Outdoors the maximum is about 1.8M.  It grows in the classic Indica style, namely compact and bushy.

The only real challenges will be managing light cycles indoors and ensuring adequate ventilation and odour control.  You may also need to provide support to the branches later in flowering, as they become literally weighed down by bud.  Holy Punch has lots of landrace strains in its near background and so is massively robust and resistant to mould, diseases and pests. Which makes this a great strain for beginners.  More experienced growers will be happy to hear that they can push up yields with LST, SCRoG and or hydroponics.

The taste of Holy Punch could probably best be described as fruit with a touch of haze.  Overall, it’s more sweet than spicy, but there are notes of musk and pepper to balance all the fruitiness.  Similarly, the aroma is also full of fruit, but there are also spices for warmth and balance.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8 to 9 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica Dominant
Mid October
The Church x Grape
Grow Difficulty:
Holy Punch - Green House Seeds, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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