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Cream-of-the-Crop-Seeds-Robocrop-marijuana-strainHats off to Cream of the Crop seedbank, who have managed to do what many thought was impossible – create a Haze-based (and flavoured) strain, which is not just not a complete pain in the teeth to grow, but is actually suitable for beginners.

Robocrop is a cross between Thai Auto and Narcotic Kush Auto, Thai Auto being the autoflowering version of Thai Haze.  While the Kush genetics do provide body and complexity, this hybrid definitely leans to the Haze side of the spectrum with the typical combination of earthiness and citrus sweetness and of course Thai Haze itself is, as its name suggests, a cross between Thai and Haze and you can detect that oriental “sweet and sour” element to the flavour.  The aroma is everything you’d expect from a Haze-based strain.  It has an earthy base with top notes which are tangy, spicy and sweet.

At 19% THC, Robocrop is nudging at the upper end of what would be classed as moderate THC content.  It’s a bit higher than what you would probably expect from an autoflowering strain, but is still at a level where the high is a decent boost, rather than an express ticket to the stratosphere.  Pain relief is prompt and effective.  There isn’t really all that much of a body stone to speak of, which means that Robocrop is a great daytime strain.

Usually we’d recommend beginners (and anyone wanting a quiet life) to steer well clear of Sativa-dominant strains in general and anything with Haze genetics in particular.  Robocrop, however, is the exception to this rule.  We’d have to add the caveat that, even though this strain is massively easier to manage than any other Haze-based strain we can think of and is a perfectly feasible grow for committed beginners, it’s still a bit more of a challenge than most autoflowering strains, essentially because it’s both taller and more heavy-yielding than your average autoflowering variety.  That means that in addition to needing more space in which to grow, Robocrop is also going to need some support, literally, as the buds start to develop to prevent breakages.

On the plus side, the reason Robocrop can struggle to support the weight of its harvest is because the harvest is little short of incredible for any strain, let alone an autoflowering one.  Robocrop can yield up to 900 gr/m2 indoors & 85 gr/pp outdoors.  Buds are dense and absolutely covered in resin.  As an added bonus, Robocrop has excellent resistance to mould and pests.


Strain Characteristics:

Indoor and Outdoor
Tall (much taller than most autoflowering strains)
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
75 days from seed
Plant Type:
Sativa dominant
75 days from seed
Thai Auto X Narcotic Kush Auto
Grow Difficulty:
Robocrop, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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