Apollo 11

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Sativa dominant Apollo 11 is a cross between Genius and Cinderella 99. It lives up to its prestigious heritage with a great taste and excellent medical effects.

In terms of taste, this strain could be compared to a very high-quality cheese board. There are lots of lemon and citrus flavours, the cheese, of course, and a pungent base. Similar comments apply to the smell and it’s worth noting that you can smell an open container of Apollo 11 from quite some distance away so if you’re sharing your home, totally airtight containers are likely to be a good investment and also consider leaving out some bowls of bicarbonate of soda while you smoke.

With a THC range of between 16% and 20%, this strain is a good choice for people who want a bullet for their pain rather than the cannonball of some of the super-high-THC strains. Even the lower end of this range is enough to deliver a buzzy, energetic cerebral high, just how high you go depends on the exact THC level, at the lower end, you’ll go into the skies and at the upper end, you’ll go up into the atmosphere. That’s probably far enough for a fair number of people.

The Brothers Grimm are known for producing strains which are easy to grow and beginner-friendly and Apollo 11 ticks both boxes. Notwithstanding its predominantly-Sativa genetics,

Apollo 11 is quick-growing (7 to 8 weeks) and only moderately tall. Effective plant-training can keep its size down to a minimum. While the plants are growing, the main smell will be of lemons and citrus, rather than cheese or pungency. It will, however, still be on the strong side. If you prefer to avoid your grow space smelling like you have just spilled an entire barrel of cleaning fluid over it, then air filters will be a great investment. Outdoors, take some time to think about the prevailing winds.

Leaving aside the smell, Apollo 11 is a minimal-hassle strain, particularly given the high percentage of Sativa genetics. This is a strain which tends to develop lots of buds over numerous branches so be prepared to give it plenty of support.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
Seven to eight weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa Dominant
End-September/ Mid October
Genius and Cinderella 99
Grow Difficulty:
Apollo 11, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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