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heavyweight-diesel-drift-marijuanaDiesel Drift by Heavyweight Seeds is a cross between much loved New York Diesel and their own Fruit Punch, which is itself a cross between Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights.  This strain is another “new-school” Sativa dominant (about 70%), which delivers everything you’d expect from a traditional Sativa, but in a rather smaller package.

As you would expect from the genetics, the taste of Diesel Drift is a combination of fruit and diesel.  It’s certainly fresh and crisp with plenty of Haze zinginess.  The odour is mainly citrus but it still has a touch of fuel to give it a bit of an edge.

With 18% THC, Diesel Drift is more in line with what you would expect from a modern Indica than with the super-high-THC strains being produced today, but the big difference is that high-THC Indicas tend to provide both a modern, Sativa-style head high and the traditional Indica full-body stone, which can be great at night, but isn’t necessarily ideal in the daytime, when you need to get moving quickly.  Diesel Drift is therefore a good choice for people who want fast and effective relief from physical pain and also mental conditions such as stress and anxiety, without causing drowsiness.

Even though 18% THC would be classed as moderate by modern standards, it’s still enough to deliver a euphoric high, which is full of creativity and inspiration.  This is followed by an enjoyable body buzz, which provides relaxation without sending you into a stupor.

In terms of height, Diesel Drift is very reasonable for a strain with this level of Sativa genetics.  Indoors it will typically grow within a range of 90 cm to 1.5M and outdoors it will usually grow within a range of 1.5M to 2M.  This may be a bit on the high side for total beginners, which is why we’ve classed this strain as having moderate grow difficulty.  Aside from its desire to stretch into a small tree, this is actually a pretty robust strain.  The only important point to remember is that good ventilation is a must – assuming you prefer to avoid your growing space being filled with the smell of diesel.

Diesel Drift is also fairly quick for a strain which is mostly Sativa.  Indoors it will finish flowering in just 10 weeks and outdoors it will be ready in early to mid-October.  Indoors you can expect up to 500g/m2 and outdoors over 500g per plant.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
10 weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa Dominant
Early October
Fruit Punch x New York Diesel
Grow Difficulty:
Diesel Drift - Heavyweight Seeds, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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