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g13-haze-barneys-farm-marijuanaG13 Haze by Barney’s Farm is an astute cross between much-loved G13 and a Hawaiian landrace Sativa for extra THC and added robustness.

With 21% THC, G13 Haze has enough power to deal capably with physical pain and also with negative mental and emotional states such as stress, depression and anxiety.  It delivers the classic Sativa head buzz, which is full of upbeat energy and is utterly positive, creative and motivational.  There is just enough CBD to give you a warm and enjoyable body buzz before you get up and go again.  This means that G13 Haze is a great daytime strain for those who need (or want) to medicate and move on without being slowed down by drowsiness or left couch-locked for an extended period.

Indoors G13 Haze will take about 10 to 12 weeks to flower and can yield up to 600g/m2 and outdoors it will be ready around the end of October and can yield up to 600g per plant.  While this grow time is on the longer side by modern standards, it’s a whole lot shorter than your typical Haze-based strain.

The taste is everything you expect from a Haze and then some!  Top notes are full of the tongue-tingling spiciness of black pepper, lemon, pine and fresh herbs, then there’s berry sweetness and finally a base of warm, rich, hash.  The fragrance is full of refreshing zing, blending herbs and black pepper with lemon and pine.

Haze strains have long had a reputation for being tall and difficult to grow but over recent years breeders have been working to address this and essentially (re)create Haze strains for the 21st century, in which there is a distinct preference for shorter and more straightforward strains.  G13 Haze does a great job of addressing these points.  Although it is 80% Sativa, it will typically grow within a range of 90 cm (indoor minimum) to 1.1M (outdoor maximum) and if even this is too much for your growing space, its Sativa branchiness makes it a good candidate for low stress training.  Its compact height makes it an obvious choice for indoor growing, but it will grow perfectly happily outdoors in milder climates.

The addition of landrace genetics gives extra robustness and so G13 Haze is definitely a feasible choice for total beginners or for people moving on from autoflowing strains or people who are, quite simply, looking for a straightforward version of a Haze.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
10 to 12 weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa dominant
G13 x Hawaiian
600g/m2 indoors/600g per plant outdoors
Grow Difficulty:
G13 Haze - Barney's Farm, 2.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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