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The Gigabud strain is a balanced Sativa and Indica hybrid, with the Indica genes slightly dominant. The Greek word ‘giga’ means one billion, so it’s no surprise that one of the principle characteristics of Gigabud is its large, swollen buds.

Its smell is not as strong as many of the other skunk type weeds but you’ll still detect hash and freshly dug earth. The flavor is quite sweet and includes notes of exotic spices and fruit. The stone is quite heavy with a strong tendency to leave you feeling very relaxed and even couchlocked, and the hit can last for up to three hours. Medically, this weed can help with muscular pain, poor appetite and sleep problems.

The plants can grow up to 150 centimetres tall and in a Christmas tree shape. The leaves are a deep green and the large, dense buds are covered in a frosty coating of crystals. THC content is 15 percent.

Indoors, Gigabud seeds will grow well in soil or hydro. It has a fast flowering time, from as little as five weeks and no more than six weeks. Yields are above average.

A full Gigabud review has to point out that outdoors, this strain really needs a climate at least as warm and sunny as the Mediterranean. Harvest time in the northern hemisphere is late September to early October.

Gigabud is ideally suited for indoor cultivation and in that context it’s quite easy to grow. It’s relatively mild aroma while growing makes it a good choice if discretion is important to you.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors in a Mediterranean Climate
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
5-6 weeks
Plant Type:
Late September, Early October
G13 x Unknown Strain
Grow Difficulty:


Gigabud, 3.8 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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  1. John Smith

    Just a quick question… This is my first time growing and I decided to go with seeds instead of clones. They have all germinated and are doing well. I was just wondering what the best way would be to introduce them to outdoor sunlight and how tall should they get before moving them?

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