Hawaiian Snow

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Hawaiian snow

Hawaiian Snow is a Sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing three types of Haze strain; Hawaiian Haze, Pure Haze and Neville’s Haze. Cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts approach this strain with reverence and their respect is supported by Hawaiian Snow’s performance over the years in the High Times Cannabis Cup. In 2003, it took two prizes, first overall and third in the Sativa section and in 2011 it reappeared in the rankings to take second place overall.

Hawaiian Snow weed has a full, comprehensive aroma and flavour with notes of exotic spices, incense, peppermint, citrus and a refreshing hint of eucalyptus. The effects are decidedly cerebral – you’ll find your brain working overtime in a comfortable rather than a scary way, and you’ll enjoy the company of others. Laughter and even giggling are also on the agenda.

Hawaiian Snow’s Sativa genetics are apparent in its gangling growth habit. It can grow higher than two metres and it has long, branching sidestems. Foliage is a fresh green at first with the colour darkening as the plants mature. The buds are long and dense and exhibit a glittering covering of crystals. THC content has been measured as high as 23.7 percent in this strain.

Hawaiian Snow seeds are not the easiest weed to grow. It requires a lengthy flowering time, as long as 14 weeks. Indoors, it grows best in individual containers filled with a rich soil. Outdoors, the plant will do well in a warm sunny climate although it may need support as it grows. Harvest won’t come until the end of October or the beginning of November.

Seasoned growers and smokers have nothing but praise for Hawaiian Snow. Although it’s more difficult to grow than many strains, the rewards for the horticulturist include excellent flavour, good yields and potency at the top of the scale.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
12-14 weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa/Indica (90/10)
Late October to Early November
Hawaiian Haze x Pure Haze x Neville's Haze
Up to 600 gm2 Indoors, 1kg per plant Outdoors
Grow Difficulty:
Some Expertise Needed


Hawaiian Snow, 3.9 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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