Blue Dream

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Blue Dream

The Sativa dominant Blue Dream strain is the result of breeding the Blueberry and Super Silver Haze strains, both multiple prizewinners in past High Times Cannabis Cup competitions. Blue Dream originates from the thriving medical cannabis scene in California.

Blue Dream weed has a skunky aroma with a suggestion of berries and fruit and the flavor continues the fruit theme with the addition of spicy tones. The hit starts off with a quick cerebral rush, which gradually gives way to a relaxing body stone lasting from two to three hours. This strain is good for treating mild pain, stress and insomnia.

Blue Dream weed grows to a medium height with long, thin leaves that are light green. The plant has pale green buds with a blue to purple tinge and pale orange and brown hairs. The THC content is in the 15 to 20 percent range.

Blue Dream seeds do best grown indoors in either a soil or hydro medium. It’s a good idea to control the height and shape of the plant by careful pruning. Flowering time is nine to 10 weeks and, grown with care, Blue Dream yields can be as high as 600 grams per square metre.

If you live somewhere with a Mediterranean or sub-tropical climate, you can grow Blue Dream outdoors, although it is susceptible to red spider mite infestation. In cooler northern climates, it’s best to stick to indoor cultivation.

Growers and smokers that enjoy a strong weed with a fruity flavour should try the Blue Dream strain. Other plus points include high yields and easy indoor growing.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors best, possible outdoors
THC Level:
15 - 20%
Flowering Time:
9-10 weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa/Indica (80/20)
Blueberry x Super Silver Haze
Up to 600 grams pm/2
Grow Difficulty:
Moderate - Easy


Blue Dream, 4.2 out of 5 based on 33 ratings


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3 comments on Blue Dream
  1. Aloysius Greer

    The Blue Dream Strain says 9-10 weeks flowering time. Does this include vegetation period and if it does is there a recommended time to transition from veg state to flower state. First time ordering and first grow with known quality?

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  2. Den

    Blue dream is a great stimulant, yet not hyper. It helps my COPD, with more ease of breathing. It also works great on my libido. All told: 5 stars for blue dream!

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    Rating: +4 (from 4 votes)
  3. Lexie

    Best info….bout time ……the ones of us who as in prohibition times would perhaps wanted to enjoy a great cigar….I also enjoy a toke of the finest weed…You guys are so informative. Thanks for your site !
    you’ve come a long way baby….

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    Rating: +7 (from 7 votes)

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