Bay 11 – Grand Daddy Purp

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Bay 11 has some truly illustrious parentage in the form of Ken’s Kush and Appalachia.  Ken’s Kush was created by crossing Granddaddy Purple Bay 11 Grand Daddy Purpwith OG Kush and Sour Diesel while Appalachia was created by crossing Green Crack with Tres Dawg.  With that kind of heritage, you’d expect Bay 11 to be an impressive strain and you’d be right.

With a THC range of about 17% to about 21%, Bay 11 is right there in the sweet spot for many of today’s patients. There’s enough THC to get the job done quickly (whether that’s dealing with physical pain or clearing negative emotional states), but the THC level is still low enough to be comfortable for the average person. As a balanced hybrid, Bay 11 also offers a balanced high, in the sense that the creative energy provided by the Sativa genetics is damped down by the relaxed mellowness of the Indica genetics. Similarly, although there is also a fairly hefty 1% CBD, the full-body stone is a bit lighter than you would experience from a strain with a higher level of Indica genetics. This makes for a nicely flexible strain which can be used day or night.

While Bay 11 can, in theory, be grown both indoors and outdoors, it’s worth remembering that it is a native of California and, as such, really only thrives in warm, dry, sunny climates such as the Mediterranean basin. Once you start heading towards the north of Europe, you’re really going to have to think about keeping your plants sheltered from the elements, particularly autumn frosts. This strain can do well in a greenhouse, but you may need to use grow lights towards the end of the flowering period, to compensate for the shorter days.

Indoors, Bay 11 has a growing range of about 1M to 1.5M and in spite of its fairly compact size, it delivers a pretty impressive harvest of up to 1Kg per square meter after nine to ten weeks of flowering time. Outdoors, you can expect it to grow to at least 2 metres and if you can give it the space, it can grow bigger, much bigger, even clearing 3 metres, although probably not by much. At the lower end of this range, you can expect up to about 1.2Kg per plant, at the upper end of this range, you can be looking at nearer 2.5Kg per plant. In either case, you’ll be collecting your harvest towards the end of October.

The taste and aroma of Bay 11 are both very reminiscent of classic Kush, which is to say, earthy, spicy and menthol, there is, however, a fair dash of sweetness on the side. Unlike classic Kush, the smoke itself is very light and gentle.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor or Outdoor
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Balanced Hybrid
Late October
Ken’s Kush and Appalachia
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Bay 11 - Grand Daddy Purp, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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