High Yielding Strains

Yield is a key characteristic grower’s look for when purchasing strain genetics. Growers who are growing commercial weed or to produce your own stash high yielding strains look for two key characteristics: to grow the best quality weed in the biggest quantity; this is where high yielding commercial weed strains come into their own.

There are several key factors that make growing high yielding strains more of a necessity. The initial setup cost coupled with running grow lights mean growing commercial weed can be expensive. Also if you have a limited space you may want to pick high yielding strains that produces more per square metre making your grow more productive. When growing outdoors you don’t have the same running cost and space problems and yields can be significantly improved by picking a high yielding strain that suit your local conditions.

Breeders have been developing high yielding strains for years now and the variety of strains available continues to grow. You have strains like Super Silver Haze, and the classic high yielder like Big Bud alongside modern classics such as THC Bomb

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Amnesian Haze

Amnesia Haze

Popular in Amsterdam Coffee shops, Amnesia Haze is extremely potent and yields can be huge.

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AMS Plant


Named after Amsterdam’s airports, AMS weed is hardy and prefers and outdoors environment where it produces large yields of sweet tasting bud.

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Amsterdam Haze

Amsterdam Haze Review

Amsterdam Haze is an easy to grow and huge yielding sativa weed strain with a long lasting, clear headed high.

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Arjan's Haze #3 marijuana strain

Arjan’s Haze #3 – Greenhouse Seeds

Sativa dominant (70/30) Arjan’s Haze #3 is a three-way cross between Neville’s Haze, Super Silver Haze and Laos, a landrace strain.  It was developed to […]

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Atomic Review

Atomic weed is a mind blowingly potent weed strain with a knock out stone that will floor even the most experienced tokers.

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Auto Blue Dream – MSNL

Auto Blue Dream is actually a Sativa dominant.  As its name suggests, it’s a cross between the original Blue Dream and an unidentified Ruderalis.  Blue […]

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Auto Bomb

An exceptional autoflower, Auto Bomb will impress growers who are looking for a potent and large yielding weed strain, but don’t want to wait.

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Auto Orange Bud – Dutch Passion

Auto Orange Bud by Dutch Passion is a cross between the original Orange Bud and Auto Daiquiri Lime. Rather frustratingly, Dutch Passion has declined to […]

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Auto Pounder

A new generation Autoflower, Auto Pounder has been specially developed to produce large quantities of weed.

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Auto Pounder with Cheese

Auto Pounder with Cheese is a mix of two legends, the huge yielding Auto Pounder and the UK’s cult classic, The Cheese.

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